Proving “Age is Just a Number”: Care Management

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senior man in assisted livingRussell Basler will be 102 in October, but he is quick to point out that age is just a number: “It doesn’t matter that much really. I enjoy life just as much as I did before; I just move a little slower.” Mr. Basler is still the social, vivacious person he has always been.

His outgoing personality certainly helped him during his 44 years as the postmaster of Narberth, PA. Of the position, Mr. Basler says, “It just seemed to fit me. I really liked being in charge of the post office. I knew everyone in town and got to see them everyday when they picked up their mail.” After retiring, Mr. Basler and his wife moved to Arizona, where they lived until she passed away. Mr. Basler then moved back to Pennsylvania to be closer to his daughters.

Now happily settled at Haverford Estates, an assisted living community in Haverford, PA, Mr. Basler participates in many of the activities at the community and visits with his daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. However, Mr. Basler soon found that he needed some assistance with bill paying, insurance claims, and other routine tasks, especially since his daughter is kept increasingly busy with her own growing family.

Mr. Basler’s daughter’s friend referred him to Katz Senior Services, a geriatric care management firm, for help, and he has been using their services for over five years now. Mr. Basler is happy to relate what a help this has been to him and his daughter: “Mimsye Katz has really filled all my needs. It’s great because my daughter has children of her own to take care of, and she can’t always be available.”

Mimsye helps Mr. Basler and his family with all types of necessary paperwork. As Mr. Basler relates, “She keeps up with what needs to be done and informs my daughter of everything.” However, Mimsye has been much more than a mere assistant to Mr. Basler; she has actually become a friend.

Mr. Basler fondly recalls a recent trip to Mrs. Katz’s home, where he befriended her new English Cocker Spaniel. He was also happy to have her in attendance at his recent birthday party, where, he points out, “I had to blow out all those candles!”

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