Your Choice: Aging Boomer Or Ageless Bloomer

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The American way of aging, steeped in stultifying tradition and flawed conventional wisdom of a bygone era, is slowly changing.

But for now, tradition and custom still dominate. You know the routine: Around age 50 an accelerating number of sound bites, events and dire warnings about inescapable problems and pitfalls of aging are relentless reminders life is winding down.

You are deemed lazy or irresponsible if you have not prepared to acquire that contagious, debilitating disease called retirement -— a political absurdity of the Depression Era that short-circuits the life and potential of many capable people and, burdens society in too many ways to count.

Bombarded by countless predictions of impending disability and death, you start looking for signs of your own decline. A momentary memory lapse, which everyone experiences, regardless of age, results in a panicky “I’m having a senior moment.” I have never heard a teenager experiencing a memory lapse (and they have plenty of them) berate him or herself with “I’m having a junior moment.”

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