Wii Wave Hits Retirement Communities

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CATONSVILLE, MD — October 4, 2007 — Four “bowling teams” from Erickson Communities across the nation battle it out to be Erickson Sports’ first Wii Bowling Tournament Champions and bring the inaugural Erickson Sports trophy to their home states and communities. Captured by the New Media team of Erickson Marketing, the video shows the passion and energy of community residents who were one of the first groups nationwide to get hooked on Wii Video Sports by Nintendo. It can be seen on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pzp8S_7yspM as well as many other video and blog sites where it is causing quite a stir among the younger set.

“The Erickson Sports Wii Bowling Tournament video represents the joy of living our residents express everyday, everyway”, says John Makowski, Director of New Media. Teams featured in the video are the Sedgebrook Alley Cats in Naperville, Illinois just outside of Chicago, the Texas Highlanders at Highland Springs in Dallas, Baltimore, Maryland’s Mighty Oaks of Oak Crest, and the Greenspring Strikers in Springfield, Virginia””all full service retirement communities built and managed by Erickson Communities.

For the past nine months, Erickson’s campuses have been overtaken by the Wii Wave, “Our residents have been enthusiastically playing Wii bowling, tennis, golf, and baseball,” said Mel Tansill, senior director of public affairs for Erickson. “Most of our residents had never before never picked up a video game controller in their lives, but they now have found a love for Wii Sports.” Nearly 200 Erickson residents have played Wii Sports to-date, according to Tansill.

Based in Catonsville, Maryland, since 1983, Erickson develops and manages campuses in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia, which are home to 20,000 people. The company is also currently developing new campuses in Virginia, Kansas, Ohio, and North Carolina, and is engaged in site acquisition across the United States.

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