When mom (or dad) moves in

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PELHAM, Ala. “” For Linda Everson, Mother’s Day used to mean a five-hour drive north to Memphis to fete her mom. But including her in this year’s extended family gathering was far simpler: Everson just took a five-step walk from her living room into the 1,000-square-foot addition she and husband Tillman built to accommodate “Miss Jane” Spencer.

That’s right, Mom has moved in with the kids. And she’s loving it. “I can’t say I don’t miss my old life in Tennessee, my pastor, my friends, my 92-year-old brother,” says the 81-year-old matriarch, who is dwarfed by the 12-foot ceilings of her antique-appointed bedroom. “But on the other hand, it is so great to be with my family, and they seem to enjoy having me.”

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