What Do (Older) People Do Online?

Infographic Details Email, Social Media and Digital Habits of Baby Boomers and Seniors
Creating Results, LLC, a leader in marketing to baby boomers and seniors, today launched an infographic with statistics and information about what (older) people do online. Facts related to email use, top online activities, and the use of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social networks are broken out by age group.

Infographic (jpeg and PDF): http://www.CreatingResults.com/what-people-do-online-infographic-by-age

“With all the digital marketing options out there — email, new social platforms like Pinterest, and so on — many organizations struggle with how best to reach older consumers,” said Todd Harff, President of Creating Results (http://www.CreatingResults.com). “This infographic shows where people over 50 are spending their time online, so brands can decide where to spend their marketing time and money.”

The infographic shows that baby boomers and seniors make up 50% of the US population and 41% of the Internet population. Creating Results has detailed the online activities of each generation, including Gen Y/Millennials and Gen X, so that marketers can make better decisions.

Facts presented include:

  • Far more matures watch TV every day than use email. Far more matures use email than social networks.
  • Younger boomers (aged 45-54) are more likely than their elders to use comments on blog posts and articles, but older boomers (aged 55-64) are most likely to post user reviews — both positive and negative.
  • Younger boomers make up 32% of the Facebook user base, 24% of the Twitter user base, and only 5% of the Google Plus user base.
  • Only 14% of consumers over 40 said “yes,” they would want to become a brand’s friend/follower/fan. The “no thanks” feeling is stronger the older the respondent.

The marketing agency drew on its proprietary Social, Silver Surfers research as well as published data from the Pew Internet and
American Life Project, AdWeek, Google Ad Planner and plusdemographics.

The free infographic can be downloaded at http://www.CreatingResults.com/what-people-do-online-infographic-by-age.

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