Video game teaches geriatric care

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by Louise Durack

Not so much Grand Theft Auto IV, more Gran’s Home Visit Tour: Video gaming and learning how to conduct patient home visits do not normally gop together, but now they do – in the name of fun learning for medical students.

Developed by the Centre for Medical Education at the University of Sydney, RiskDom-X (see here) is a new tool for health professionals to be used for either teaching or learning.
It uses simulation and gaming within a safe environment, in order for students to learn the major concepts behind home visits, says Dr Gustavo Duque.

The game simulates a patient’s house that students are able to explore. Playing against time and distracters, they are expected to click on those elements considered to be risk factors for falls or harmful for the patient. At the end of the game, the students receive feedback on the chosen elements that were right or wrong.

“This method shows a high level of engagement that is associated with improvement in knowledge,” said Dr Duque, “and provides medical students with a fun experience that also improves understanding of the needs of the elderly.”

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