USA TODAY to Report Special Series “Turning 62: The Retirement Boom Begins”

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MCLEAN, Va., Jan 14, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — The oldest members of the largest generation in U.S. history began turning 62 on Jan. 1, becoming the first of the 79 million baby boomers to be eligible to retire with government benefits. This week, USA TODAY examines the consequences as 2.8 million 62-year-olds ponder retirement, in a series called “Turning 62: The Retirement Boom Begins.”

USA TODAY’s coverage will be reported in the newspaper and online at from Monday, Jan. 14 through Friday, Jan. 18.

Among the issues the series will include:       -- Whether boomers could be making a costly mistake in filing early for          Social Security benefits and when the right time is to apply for          benefits       -- The challenge for 62-year-olds to find health insurance before they          become eligible for Medicare at age 65       -- How older boomers may be better off financially than their younger          counterparts when it comes to pensions, health insurance and other          benefits.       -- How to manage and invest lump-sum retirement payments       -- The future of federal spending and boomer benefits       -- How retirement should affect investment style and when it makes sense          to get a reverse mortgage      Special features and content available on will include:       -- Interactive Social Security chart detailing how much a retiree stands          to gain or lose by taking Social Security benefits early at age 62 in          comparison to other ages       -- Audio advice from financial planners and retirement policy experts          and audio interviews with early baby boomer retirees       -- Online readers will be invited to submit questions that will be          answered by financial planning experts

ABC News will air a story in conjunction with the USA Today series Jan. 13 on World News Sunday.

USA TODAY and ABC News have collaborated on a number of successful joint reporting projects, most recently on the latest installment of the Emmy Award- winning series “Iraq: Where Things Stand.” In June of 2007 an unprecedented content-sharing partnership was announced, providing expanded coverage of the 2008 election on and Other joint reporting projects have included “The 7 Wonders of the World,” “Living Longer, Living Better,” “Prescription for Change: Fixing American Healthcare” and “Role Reversal: Your Aging Parents and You.”

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