US News and World Report Article – Taking Care of Your Parents

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Soon after Jeanne Erdmann’s father passed away in 1995, it became clear that her mother, then 85, would one day need a new home. Although her mom, Florence Greco, was still in relatively good health, “she didn’t like living by herself anymore,” says Erdmann, 53, a science writer who lives in Wentzville, Mo. So six years ago, Erdmann and her husband invited Greco, who lived in a nearby county, to move in. “She didn’t like being here at first,” says Erdmann. “We have a lot of farms around us and no neighbors that you can see from the house, so she felt isolated.” Erdmann and her husband also had to adjust, curtailing their evening activities to keep Greco company at night. Although Erdmann gets a break now and then when one of her two sisters takes Greco for a while, “the day in and day out wears you down,” Erdmann says, especially as her mother has gradually required more care over the years.

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