TimeBanks — Building a Time Banking System for the Growing Senior Care Crisis with TimeDollars

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3/27/2007 – 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: NRECA, 4301 Wilson Blvd, Ballston, Arlington, VA

EnterpriseLab: TimeBanks — Building a Time Banking System for the Growing Senior Care Crisis with TimeDollars

General admission is free to all Forum members, $20 for non-members.

A unique entrepreneurial venture seeks to bring a new business model to market to solve a unque problem: transacting time, with first large scale applications to address the growing senior care crisis. Come listen to their business plan, and a panel of experts critiques, along with the Forum audience provides feedback and brainstorms on this unique solution to a growing problem.

TimeBanks, is a new type of bank which formalizes in a modern society the giving of time to community work, and, in return, withdrawing that time to fill a need at a later time, or in another place. With TimeBanks unique system, people can bank their time and exchange their banked time with that of others at a future time, or as reimbursement to pay a time debt, or transfer the benefits that banked time to another person with a greater need. The question for this unque event is how can a sustainable business model be created where the currency exchanged is not cash, but time. The initial application of the large scale centrallized deployment will be to Senior Care — to address the coming crisis of providing care to the “coming of age” baby boomers. Come to the Forum and hear a group of experts and the Forum audience (including you) provide feedback and suggestions on how this innovative business can make a big and sustainable impact on making the world a better place.

The panel of experts will include:

* Jean-Luc Park, Calvert Funds, formerly with Next Level Venture Partners, Draper Triangle Ventures, L.P, and Lycos. LP., Serviceware (now KNOVA), Dresdener Kleinwort Benson, and Ann Taylor, Inc., Member of Board of MIT Enterprise Forum of Washington, DC and Baltimore.
* Michaela Barnes, formerly head of AOL’s Technology Strategy Group (evaluated technology for acquisitions, investments, and partnerships), formerly in product management, marketing, e-Commerce, finance, and sales and technical support at various companies, including MCI Telecommunications, US ONE, and GO Communications, as well as active in various not-for-profit community organizations.
* Kilin Boardman-Schroyer, Director of Programs, Greater DC Cares; Kilin leads new approaches to volunteerism and philanthropy that move beyond the confines of traditional volunteer roles to ones which truly mobilize all non-monetary assets for the betterment of our community. He has done extensive research on different models of engagement including timebanks and other forms of alternative currencies.
* Jodi L. Lyons, CEO and President, Continuum of Care Consultants, LLC, Jodi has been a leader in a wide variety of national and international organizations representing healthcare and long-term care s ervice providers, the providers themselves, healthcare-related government agencies and industry leaders who supply these organizations, including NIH, The Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Association of Jewish Aging Services, and the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations.

Come see, learn, and make your contribution to the ideas of the growing senior care crisis and the Timbanks solution for it….Soon, you may be making a withdrawal or deposit of “careshares” to your local timebank….

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