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Generational Marketing Experts Find out What Works in Photography for Baby Boomers and Beyond

Woodbridge, VA – [January 28, 2008]  As companies try to do more with less, generational marketing experts Creating Results today unveiled the results of PHOTO FINISH [], a proprietary survey addressing what type of photography is most effective when advertising to the mature consumer, Baby Boomers and beyond.  Researchers surveyed more than 414 Americans over 40 years old, and revealed, among other findings, that Single Image ads are significantly more effective than multi-image Collage style pieces (66% to 34%).

Snapshots: Key Findings

Results, analysis, and charts from the company’s extensive and proprietary survey have been compiled in a free eBook, available at, along with insights into why imagery is so important when marketing to the mature.  PHOTO FINISH research showed:

·         Vibrant pictures featuring brighter colors and an expressive model trumped Subdued images (cooler colors, contemplative model), 65% to 35%

·         Images in which the model’s face was clearly Identifiable were preferred to Cropped (65%)

·         The older a consumer, the stronger their positive feelings for Identifiable photos (76% of those over 75, 75% of 65-74 year olds, and 62% of  55-64 year olds chose Identifiable)

·         Lifestyle photography was preferred to Product photos by all respondents (59%), and was most effective with Caregivers (71%), Gardeners (78%) and Volunteers (75%)

·         While 56% of all respondents preferred Product images over Product-in-Use, men differed from the whole – 54% chose Product-in-Use as more appealing

The free eBook offers additional detailed findings by income level, net worth, employment, gender and education.

Picturing Powerful Consumers
Todd Harff, President of strategic marketing agency Creating Results and a nationally recognized expert in multi-generational marketing, noted that as marketing budgets tighten, companies must consider the “punch” packed by each marketing element.

“With more than 115 million Americans over 40, spending trillions of dollars on travel, healthcare, housing and more each year, mature consumers represent a great opportunity for lifestyle-related businesses,” said Mr. Harff.  “Understand their preferences. Pick your pictures wisely, and you can help your product or service cut through advertising clutter and speed the purchase process.”

Creating Results has invested years in studying affluent consumers of the Boomer and Silent Generations, to better understand what urges them to leap into action.  As a result, the company has won numerous national awards for their expertise in targeting and motivating these consumers.  The Mature Market Resource Center recently honored the firm with two National Mature Media Awards.

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