Survey of Internet Use Over 60

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I am interested in improving the usability and accessibility of information technology for people over the age of 60.
Peter Hindmarsh and I are currently surveying mature age users of information technologies about their use of the Internet and mobile phones. We are both older web users.
The “Internet and Information Technology Users Survey” can be completed online. It can be accessed from this page which contains more information about the survey:
Peter and I used to teach Information Technology at a TAFE college in NSW and we are conducting this survey purely for research purposes. The information obtained will not be sold and will only be used to prepare an article and may be presented at conferences.
The survey can be completed anonymously and the responses from all the participants will be combined to provide overall results on how people over the age of 60 use the Internet and other Information Technologies and the common difficulties they experience.
I hope you will be able to help us in the matter. If you require any further information please contact me by phone or email, the details are in the footer of this message.
Peter Hindmarsh
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