Support the Fall Prevention Movement and Stand Out from the Crowd

The Northern Virginia Fall Prevention Coalition (NVFPC) is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization committed to educating our community in fall prevention. Our members are local professionals and fall prevention experts who work with the aging population and their families everyday and have witnessed firsthand how devastating falls can be physically, emotionally and financially.

Your membership in the Northern Virginia Fall Prevention Coalition (NVFPC) is the first step. Only paying members can take advantage of opportunities to reach seniors, families and influential professionals. To become a member of the Coalition go to

HANDBOOK/RESOURCE DiRECTORY NVFPC maintains an online directory at and has partnered with Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook to create a printed directory that will be included in the Spring/Summer 2011 SourceBook and will feature distribution of 5,000 standalone copies throughout Northern Virginia.

For more information visit or click here to print a membership and advertising order form.

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