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Practice Safe Stress at the Burnout Battlefront:
Survival Strategies for Senior Healthcare Professionals and Organizations
Managing Stress and Change and Building Team Morale through Humor

Caring for patients and family members facing critical “life and death” issues is always a challenge. One must be prepared to deal with the most powerful and poignant emotions, from loss and grief to peace and joy. At the same time, understandably, anxious patients and family members can prove demanding. Add in business (not medical)-oriented and bureaucratic procedures along with a 24/7 world often cycling between “do more with less” downsizing and ever faster upgrading and the pressure starts building. How to rejuvenate energy and sustain morale, productivity and team coordination in a diverse and demanding workplace? Did anyone say Stress?

Have no fear…(well, maybe a little), Mark Gorkin, “The Stress Doc” â„¢ is here with his dynamic and interactive, inspiring and fun-filled presentation and small group exercises. Learn to channel stress and frustration into psychological hardiness, safe sharing, cooperative/creative action and team and community bonding.


1. Rapidly, purposefully and playfully recognize stress signals and “The Four Stages of Burnout”

2. Learn three step Burnout Recovery/Prevention Strategy, including the Six “F”s” of Dealing with Loss and Change

3. Learn how to disarm self-defeating or dysfunctional power struggles through affirming “I” messages and through the higher power of “letting go”

4. Use the Stress Doc’s signature “discussion and drawing” exercise to:
a) identify in a safe and supportive manner sources of workplace stress
b) recognize and empathize with others’ challenging environments; not feel so alone
c) and transform stress and frustration into creative problem-solving, team coordination, seeing the big picture and having FUN!

5. Through exercises, presentation and large group discussion participants will generate tangible and applicable reorganization, team building & team hardiness strategies.

Seek the higher power of Stress Doc humor: May the Farce Be with You!

Don’t miss your appointment with the Stress Doc.

Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, “The Stress Doc” â„¢, Mark Gorkin, MSW, LICSW, “The Stress Doc” â„¢, is a psychotherapist and “Motivational Humorist,” an acclaimed Keynote and Kickoff Speaker and an OD/Team Building Consultant. He has led staff development workshops for such senior healthcare organizations as Washington Home and Community Hospices, Hospice Network of MD, and Schrader Funeral Home (St. Louis, MO). Mark is the author of Practice Safe Stress: Healing and Laughing in the Face of Stress, Burnout & Depression and of The Four Faces of Anger: Transforming Anger, Rage, and Conflict Into Inspiring Attitude and Behavior. See his award winning, USA Today Online “HotSite” (cited as a workplace resource by National Public Radio (NPR). Email for his monthly newsletter showcased on For more info on the Doc’s speaking and training programs and products, email or call 301-946-0865.

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