Students Studying Nursing on the Rise

Fortune reports that Nursing, once viewed as an important but not necessarily upwardly mobile field, has made a comeback, as younger people have come to view it as a safe, secure path.

In the last decade, the number of young people (most of them women) between 23 and 26 years old to enter the field jumped by 62%, says David Auerbach, a health economist at RAND Health in Boston.

The findings point to a turnaround after a several-decade decline in interest in nursing. In fact, nurses from other countries were recruited to the U.S. to meet care-giving needs as health-care providers faced real-time shortages and estimates that shortfalls would reach 20%, or 400,000 registered nurses, by 2020.

Currently, those who earn a nursing baccalaureate — meaning four years of college — have more than a 60% hiring rate at graduation, which is almost 2.5 times the rate of general college graduate hiring, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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