Senior Housing 2011 – Top 10 Trends

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The editors at Senior Housing News have compiled their annual Top Ten Trends in Senior Housing

  1. Economics 101 – Supply Decreases, Demand Increases….News Flash: Prices will go up for Independent Living, Assisted Living and Nursing Care
  2. 3 – R’s of Senior Housing – Rehab, Renovate, Repurpose
  3. Technology – Monitoring Networks, Apps, Devices and Systems Integrators
  4. Campus Extensions and Home Healthcare
  5. Finance & Capital Markets – Chicken or the Egg
  6. Government -Healthcare & Entitlement Reform
  7. Home Prices – Lending Constraints and Mortgage Interest Deduction
  8. Local is Cool – Local, Face-to-face social networks make a comeback
  9. Architecture & Design
  10. Go Long Grannie Stocks

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