Senior Connection On-line Auction Beginning October 12

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Please visit our auction at

October 12  – December 6th, 2009

You’ve been to and Ebay, but they’re nothing compared to Shop for the holidays and help an older adult to remain independent at the same time.  I’m really excited to tell you about this website and how my special charity, The Senior Connection is using it to help us achieve our goal: helping seniors in Montgomery County maintain their independence.

At The Senior Connection, volunteers provide rides to seniors at no charge to person, who still lives at home and who can no longer drive themselves to medical appointments, shopping or to worship services.  Volunteers also serve to provide errand assistance, friendly visits, telephone calls and other basic assistance to help one “Age in Place”.

From October 12th through December 6th we are having a silent auction on; a host for charity on-line auctions across the country. When you visit the site you can reach our auction one of two ways: 1) enter “The Senior Connection” in the search block or 2) click on browse auctions and scroll down the states until you reach Maryland.  We hope you shop and bid at our site first, but many others are also available.

Once at the site you will see the exciting array of items we have for you.  In order to bid you will need to register on this secure site with a credit card. If you place a bid and someone else places a higher bid you will receive an email. We hope you will then return to the site and place an even higher bid. Remember that all auctions at this site are for worthy causes.

On any item you can make a single bid or designate an amount that would be your maximum in case others bid on the item. For example, if you place a bid of $30 on an item, but leave a maximum of $50, and another bidder places a $35 bid you automatically are the leader with a bid of $35. If there are no other bidders after that you would win the item at $35. Your maximum bid of $50 would never be placed.

Help us by sharing this email with a personal note to as many people as possible.  Thank you on behalf of the senior citizens of Montgomery County.

Sue Dollins
Executive Director
The Senior Connection
301 962-0820
3950 Ferrara Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20906

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