Seeking Reviewers of a Tech Guide to help People with Disabilities

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ProAging Members,

My name is Joan Green. I am a speech-language pathologist in Potomac, MD. I have worked for about the past 20 years developing a special interest with integrating technology into treatment.

I have been speaking around the US to help professionals learn more about how to use technology to improve the quality of rehabilitation services and improving the lives of seniors. I typically speak to speech pathologists but am beginning to broaden the scope of the professionals with whom I interact. I am convinced that the use of technology in the senior care and rehabilitation process – especially for people who have communication and cognitive deficits is the way to go to maximize outcomes.

I am writing to find rehabilitation professionals, administrators, case managers, life planners, technology coordinators, doctors, assistive technology specialists and others who would be willing to review a chapter in a guide that I have spent the last 2 years writing. Reviewers do not have to be technology experts. They just need to be open to new ideas and have a desire to improve the quality of life for seniors. I am asking for comments to make this as good as it can be. I have had it peer reviewed by quite a few SLPs , OTs and neuropsychologists and have had very encouraging feedback. Everyone views it from a different perspective. My mission is to make it as helpful and practical as possible for busy professionals who work with people of just about all ages and with many different types of talking, reading, writing, listening, thinking and memory issues in all various settings. I am passionate about this area of practice and believe we need to move clinicians forward into this technological world.

It is quite long-almost 300 pages. I have the cover done and will soon hire someone for the layout. I had it professionally edited twice, but keep adding more. I need to do a final review soon. It took a long time for me to research, review, purchase and try out the software to get a good feel for what was available. New advances keep coming but at some point I just have to stop adding. I am just about there. I don’t know of any other resource that has attempted to pull all of this information together in a helpful way for people who provide treatment. I have found myself referring to this guide frequently when I consult with professionals regarding using technology in their practices and during my short-term intensive technology based rehab program with seniors.
Please contact me at [email protected] and I will be happy to forward a chapter or two to you. I had offers from a few publishers, but they all wanted the copyright and I was reluctant to give it up! It is all I know and do:)

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