Report projects that homelessness among the elderly will increase

The National Alliance to End Homelessness predicts that, without intervention, the elderly homelessness population will increase by 33 percent by 2020 and more than double by 2050.

In a report slated for release on Monday, March 29, the Alliance explains these predictions. The projections are based on the existing data on homelessness among the elderly, as well as data on the rate of poverty and deep poverty among the elderly, the current rate of homelessness among older adults, and the anticipated increase of the size of the elderly population. Also considered was the economic vulnerability of the elderly, the reliance of many elderly persons on federal affordable housing programs, and the causes of homelessness among this population

The report also provides a review of the research about homelessness among the elderly, as well as current federal housing and service programs targeted at the older homeless population. Findings suggest that, as the “baby boomer” generation becomes senior citizens, existing federal services – including Social Security, Medicare, and housing assistance programs for the elderly – will be critical for meeting the challenge of an increased elderly homeless population.
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