RECRUITING VOLUNTEERS: FOCUS GROUP What are the Factors that Impact Retirement Decisions?

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The purpose of the focus group is to collect opinions, beliefs, and attitudes about the factors that impact retirement decisions among older adults who are employed, retired, and those who have transitioned in and out of retirement. The following are the attributes/characteristics of the older adults that will be selected to participate in the focus groups.
  • Individuals that are employed, retired, or have transitioned in and out of retirement.
  • Both males and females will be selected to participate in focus groups.
  • Older adults that are part of all racial and ethnic groups.
If you know someone who meet these qualifications and would like to participate in a focus group, please feel free to contact me either via email [email protected] or phone at (202) 321-4770. Focus groups will be conducted from mid-September through November 15th, 2006. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Jean C. Accius II
Ph. D Candidate
School of Public Affairs
Department of Public Administration & Policy Analysis
The American University
4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20016-8010
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