ProAging Reader Survey 2011

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We have compiled a preliminary results of our annual ProAging readers survey that seeks to collect feedback about our weekly email newsletter that is read by a highly influential audience of senior-serving professionals.  Below are some sample results and statistics.

We are working on some new features as a results of the input and suggestions that the survey has provided.   We hope to debut some of these features over the next several months.  In the interim, please feel free to email [email protected] if you have additional questions, comments or concerns!

  • Approximately how many seniors or families do you work with on a monthly basis? 
    • On average each readers works with 67 seniors/families per month
  • How often do you read the ProAging Weekly Email?
    • Every Week – 31%
    • Nearly Every Week – 31%
    • Sometimes – 38%
  • How often do you share information in the ProAging Weekly Email with others?
    • 74% have shared content with others
  • What content are you most interested in?
    • 62%    Research or studies on aging topics
    • 59%    Local Information
    • 59%    General Articles and News Items
    • 56%    Events
    • 46%    Networking Opportunities
    • 38%    Marketing ideas and information
    • 35%    Quick links to SourceBook and ProAging resources
    • 33%    Career Opportunities
    • 29%    Senior Living Business News
    • 22%    People on the Move
    • 10%    Sponsorship Opportunities in the field of aging (trade shows, advertising, etc.)
  • Share your thoughts on the frequency of the ProAging Weekly email:
    • 57%    I like getting it weekly
    • 27%    would prefer it less frequently
    • 0%    would prefer it more frequently
    • 16%    Shared additional thoughts on frequency (sample comments)
      • I think biweekly is great unless important information
      • My supervisor sends them to me and I am so grateful because there is great and very useful information.
      • Job postings need to come weekly. Other items are less time sensitive.
      • Every other week with more “news I can use.”
      • When things came singly, I usually stopped to read them. Now I am put off by all the entries. I plan to come back to them when I have more time, but that doesn’t always happen.
  • Do you use Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook?        
    •  52%  I refer to both the publication and website
    • 33%  I refer to the publication only
    • 8%    I don’t refer to either resources
    • 7%    I refer to the website only


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