ProAging Network in No. Va. – May 16 – Culture Change

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Don’t miss the next ProAging Lunch at The Fairfax (remember how good last years food was!!), the topic is very important to all of us serving seniors — Culture Change.

Organizations and people all over the world are exploring new models of living and providing health and human services in this new century. Learn about a movement that applies common sense approaches to living and caring for elders to create long term care communities where elders choose to live their lives with staff who enjoy assisting them.

Friday, May 16 Noon – 2

The Fairfax, 9140 Ft. Belvoir Woods Parkway, Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060

FREE Event RSVP Required: 703-992-1126 or

Culture Change

Journey to a Place Called Home

What does home mean to you? All of us have a different response to that question, all individualized””and that is precisely the point. Transformation in long term care asks us as professionals to create a home from an institution. Participants will discover the foundations of the Culture Change Movement and how the profession of long term care will answer the call to transform our country’s culture of aging!


Jim Kinsey, Senior Consultant and Director of Development, Institute for Caregiver Education, Mechanicsburg, PA. He is a Licensed Practical Nurse, specializing in long term care, with experience in acute care and senior behavioral health. Jim is also part of Pioneer Network Education Conference Planning Committee.

THE GREEN HOUSE®: A Model for Culture Change

THE GREEN HOUSE® model de-institutionalizes traditional nursing homes and restores elder’s lives to a home in the community. It combines small homes with an empowered workforce to build person-directed relationships and care. Skilled nursing care is provided within a culture of reciprocal adult relationships. Founded in the Eden Alternative, this model changes the architecture, organizational structure, staffing patterns, and philosophy of care to support the most positive elderhood possible.


Anna Ortigara, RN, MS, FAAN, Director of Communication and Outreach for The GREEN HOUSE®

Susan Frazier, BSN, is a Project Guide of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded Green House Replication Initiative at NCB Capital Impact.

FREE Event RSVP Required: 703-992-1126 or

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