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One of the nice features of the ProAging Information Network is the “blog” format that allows you to comment on articles – see some recent subscriber comments, you can click the link to view the orginal posting.

Name: Harriet M. Epstein | E-mail: [email protected] |

Aging is definitely not a continuous downhill slide. But it’s wishful thinking to imagine that declines and deficts do not eventually take a toll on the aging. Let’s call my theory of aging the “Scale Theory.” Think of human deficits and abilities as being weighed on a scale. A child has more deficits than abilities (envision a slanting line); at some point in late adolescence or early adulthood the scales briefly balance (think of a horizontal line); a midlife adult has more abilities than deficits (now the scale slants in the opposite direction). As the human ages, old skills are frequently replaced by new and different skills. Eventually the deficits and skills are equal again (another horizontal line). But over time the deficits begin to outweigh retained old skills or the ability to develop new skills. By advanced old age, say 90+ or so, it is only a rare individual who still has skills equal or nearly equal to deficits. Anyone who thinks this does not represent a decline, is burying his/or her head in the sand. It is good not to buy into agist sterotypes. It is bad to have unreasonable expectations about advanced old age.

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Name: Glenn Taylor | E-mail: [email protected]

Really want to read more about this subject of aging(young vs. old brain). Can you direct me to other writings of Ms. Gowans? Thank you.

Glenn Taylor

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Name: Elaine Latham | E-mail: [email protected] |

We have got to educatate the public and impress upon them that they must maintain a healthy life style and do whatever they need to do to stay healthy.

The body is a machine and we have to keep it fine tuned as there are no tradein’s for a new body.

By the time they hit Medicare there maybe no room at “The Inn”. I do not think that a nursing home is where they want to end up. We all must Do Something Now.
A good start is to visit my website and see what is available. A click of a button can change your life.

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Name: Steve Krohn | E-mail: [email protected] |

Your idea is long overdue. My wife and I conduct Wine and Food programs for the public and corporate groups in New England. Our classes are filled with baby boomers/seniors.

Thanks to the Food Network, there is a growing interest nationwide in learning about food, with wine education following on its coattails.

We hope you consider producting wine and food programs for seniors, with easy to learn guidelines on how to pair wine with food and how to speak the language of wine. This knowledge would be of great benefit to your listeners, both in social and business situations.

Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Steve and Debra Krohn
Bristol, Rhode Island
We teach you to “Think Outside the Box and Inside the Glass”

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Name: Gloria Stein | E-mail: [email protected] |

Thanx for this early morning chuckle…I am 67-feel MUCH younger and according to my former classmates (just went to 50th HS reunion) I look better than ever. Only thing fake abt me is my # 30D Clairol Flaxen Blond. Yipee!!

I am gramma to 7 cuties. Just took 6 yr old to a local Planetarium and am in NO WAY your typical Jewish grandmother. I am a very limited income but am good for lo cost FUN !!!!

Healthfully and cheerfully submitted, Gloria Stein Boynton Beach, FLA

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Name: Sherrie Mathieson | E-mail: [email protected] |

You may find my website of extreme interest.
The site is devoted to “ Forever Cool, How To Achieve Ageless,Youthful and Modern Personal Style”.The first book of its kind, “Forever Cool” is dedicated to men and women over 50. It’s recently come out, enjoying tremendous public interest, and is already at its second printing.

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