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Lutherville, MD — According to the U. S. Census Bureau, there are over 110,000 citizens living in Baltimore County over the age of 65, and a significant percentage of them live alone. They all routinely receive a blizzard of bills, invoices, statements and other payment requests in the mail from utilities, credit cards, Medicare, insurance companies, service providers, and Federal, State and County governments. Senior Guardian Services of Lutherville can relieve them of the burden of paying them correctly and on time, and give them peace of mind, allowing them to live at home longer then they might otherwise.

“Seniors living alone are an extremely vulnerable sector of our community, and we felt that if we could provide some extra protection from identity theft and exploitation, these seniors could continue to live in their homes longer and with more confidence and security,” notes Al Kaspar, partner in Senior Guardian Services, a firm that offers ID theft protection, fraud protection, bill payment services and other security-related services to seniors in the Baltimore County area.

The number of incidents involving senior exploitation and fraud has risen dramatically in the last five years, with the rise in their numbers, the increase in internet use and the introduction of technologies that make finding and exploiting seniors quicker and easier. The simplest way for criminals to defraud or exploit seniors still starts at the mailbox — invoices or bank statements are stolen out of the mailbox and the information contained within them used by criminals to empty bank accounts, open credit card accounts and other vendor accounts. These activities occur without the knowledge of the recipient, and often go unnoticed for months by seniors without any controls in place to help them monitor or track their accounts. Easily confused by the plethora of information on their bills and statements, and with no one in the house to review and check the bills, these seniors can lose their hard-earned nest egg, lose their homes, and worse, all in a matter of months, if such activity goes unnoticed and unchecked.

“Seniors have a lot to lose, and often don’t have the background or tools to recognize or spot fraudulent activity quickly enough, or even know what to do if they suspect something is wrong. We can give seniors peace of mind by paying their routine invoices for them, reviewing bank statements, reviewing marketing offers and other incoming mail, and protecting them from being exploited,” said David Poulos, Chief Marketing Officer of Senior Guardian Services.

For a small monthly fee, eligible seniors can have all their routine bills paid on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, including utilities, mortgages, taxes, Medicare and insurance, and other services, and never have to worry again about paying on time, accruing late fees, paying penalties or having their information stolen and misused. The company also offers an additional tier of service that includes review of all incoming mail solicitations, registration in the Do Not Call registry to reduce telemarketing offers, review of bank statements, checkbook reconciliation, activity reporting for all utilities and services, and a customized annual spending report that shows where seniors are spending their retirement funds. Seniors can also designate a family member or other support person to receive a copy of their monthly statement, to help verify bill payment and serve as a back-up to help identify and fix potential trouble spots. “We heard about one senior couple whose extended family all lived some distance away. The wife was suffering from dementia and was hiding the incoming mail, including the tax bills and other notices, from her husband. They nearly lost their home and all their possessions, and never saw it coming. We don’t want to see that happen to anyone, and our service can prevent that and protect seniors from those who may wish them harm,” noted Poulos.

The company is fully bonded and insured, and owned by a partnership between Granite Partners, LLC and A.J. Kaspar Accounting Services in Lutherville. “If we can provide some security for seniors in the community and give them one less thing to worry about, they can turn that bill-paying time into meaningful time with their families and friends, and enjoy their lives that much more,” added Poulos.

Senior Guardian Services is currently taking new clients on a referral basis from attorneys, accountants, wealth managers, guardians, care managers and other senior service providers in the Baltimore County area. For more information or to refer a current client, local professionals can call 410-337-0738.

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