People on the Move – Retirement Community Starts Culinary College for Dining Staff

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Springfield, VA (February 17, 2006) —The Dining Service department at the Greenspring Retirement Community has created a Culinary College that will begin offering classes to dining staff this week. The founders of the college and developers of the curriculum are Vinson Bankoski, GSV Dining Services Director, and Sam Soto GSV Executive Chef, who felt the advanced training would help motivate staff and raise the quality of food and service being offered at the Greenspring community.

“We set out to develop a curriculum that will rival those currently available in the foodservice industry,” said Vinson Bankoski. “The classes will be comprehensive and rigorous. There will be both written and practical exams throughout the coursework.”

The curriculum for the Culinary College will consist of eight classes or “blocks,” each of which has been tailored to highlight and promote the development of skills and competencies which the students will be able to use immediately in their work environment. Upon successful completion of each block, which is mandatory to proceed with the program, participants will develop skills and confidence, as well as a heightened level of pride and professionalism.

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