People on the Move – New Program for People with Dementia and Disabilities

CareOptions announces the start of a new service, the Personal Enrichment Program (PEP).  PEP is an individualized activities program offered in the person’s residence which enhances the lives of those who experience dementia and/or a physical disability.  PEP provides cognitive and/or sensory stimulation while engaging the person.  As a result of these activities, the individual feels a sense of success and thereby his/her quality of life improves.  PEP becomes a stimulating and fun part of the week to which people look forward to participate.

PEP uses Montessori techniques to promote meaningful engagement by matching past interests with present skills and customizing program activities.  The Montessori approach to learning is based on the educational theories of Maria Montessori, an Italian children’s educator.  Montessori techniques are based on observing and learning about the strengths and needs of the person, instead of focusing on their problems and deficits. They place great importance on adapting the learning experience to the developmental level of the individual.  A “hands on/muscle memory” approach stimulates the five senses during these activities sessions and can help to preserve practical skills.

PEP is offered through CareOptions.  Further information is available at 703-237-9048 or by e-mailing Janice Cooper-Levy at [email protected]

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