People on the Move (literally!) – Care for You

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Care for You, Inc. is moving to new offices. As of March 30, the new address is:

817 Silver Spring Avenue, Suite 400

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Care for You, Inc. provides an integrated spectrum of services dedicated to keeping the elderly and disabled in their homes. As 90 percent of the needs of people are non-medical, Care for You’s Companion and CompanionPlus Programs are designed to provide physical safety and security, stimulate the intellect, and help prevent loneliness, anxiety and depression, thereby increasing resistance to common ailments, preventing medical incidents and prolonging health and well-being.

Care for You, created in 1996, is bonded and insured and provides services in the greater Washington area. Support is available 24/7/365, from hourly to live-in. All Companions are W-2 employees, with tax, social security and Medicare withholding; criminal background, driving record and reference checks; T.B. tests; regular training and on-going supervision in the field.


For further information, go to the web site, email at [email protected], or call 301-650-4169 or 703-839-2545.


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