People on the Move – Karla Hibbs Promoted to Director of Resident Life at Greenspring

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SPRINGFIELD, VA (October 31, 2006) — Greenspring is proud to announce the appointment of Karla Hibbs as the community’s new Director of Resident Life. Hibbs, who joined Greenspring in 1997, will take on a position previously held by Robin Gliboff, who was recently promoted to Associate Executive Director of the community.

Prior to this appointment, Hibbs served as Greenspring’s Community Services Manager and was responsible for the management of community resources and volunteer programs. As Director of Resident Life, she will lead a number of critical community functions including: Social Work, Pastoral Ministries, Gift Planning, Community Television, Volunteer Programs, Intermissions, and Home Health and Home Support.

Over the years, Hibbs has been instrumental in developing the culture at Greenspring and inspiring the creation of the 180+ clubs and organizations that currently function at the retirement community. Hibbs graduated from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg with a degree in American Studies and Teaching Certification and later received a Masters in Education and Counseling from George Mason University. She is one of Greenspring’s longest serving employees having joined Greenspring as Director of Community Relations and Outreach, before the first building was ever built.

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