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A Match Made in Heaven
Great Falls husband and wife team pursue their dream of running a senior care business.
By Aranya Tomseth
July 26, 2006

Driving home after leaving their second son to start his freshman year in college, Beverly Luce turned to her husband Jim Luce and informed him that she officially needed something to do.
“I said, look, we have three sons, two of whom are in college, and I don’t want to sit by the phone waiting for them to call,” said Beverly Luce.
Jim Luce had been working for an insurance company but was looking to start his own business. His wife’s statement inspired him to brainstorm a way to combine his entrepreneurial ambitions with her expertise as a registered nurse.
“We knew we wanted something that would be a business, but that would also provide a service,” said Jim Luce.
The couple, who have resided in Great Falls for 25 years, decided that a company that provided in-home care to seniors would be something that fit all of their criteria. Jim Luce would handle the business aspect, Beverly Luce would manage the caretakers, and both would be running a company that provided a much needed service.
Jim Luce initially investigated the possibility of opening a senior care franchise. However, his discovery of California- based company Senior’s Choice made him realize that he and Beverly could start their own business “” and do it according to their rules.
Senior’s Choice is a member’s organization that was created by a former senior care franchise owner. Those who join are able to access a plethora of information on how to run their own senior care business.
“We were able to get training and a lot of start up materials,” said Jim Luce. “The result is that we were able to customize our business and make Anova Senior Kare a stand-alone company. What we do with it is really up to us.”
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