Partnership is Underway to Reduce Pressure Ulcers and Improve Quality of Care in Maryland

The Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM) and the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) today announced a proactive partnership to improve quality of care and to reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers in the state’s skilled nursing facilities and hospitals. In collaboration with The Wound Care Education Institute, Inc. (WCEI), HFAM and MHA will offer health professionals an educational opportunity to learn the latest techniques for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, and to become certified in wound care.

“Through this unique partnership, our front line employees from both the hospital and nursing facility settings can work together across the continuum of care to greatly improve the quality of life for Marylanders,” said Joe DeMattos, HFAM president. “This world class training will bring real results and take a giant step in reducing the incidence of pressure ulcers in Maryland.”

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that when a patient develops pressure ulcers, their length of stay in a skilled nursing facility or hospital can double or sometimes triple. The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) estimates the cost of treating a severe pressure ulcer can range from $38,000 – $55,000.

“This initiative is another way in which hospitals are working to improve care, keep patients safe, and reduce unnecessary care by preventing pressure ulcers,” said Carmela Coyle, MHA president and CEO. “This is good for patients, good for hospitals, and good for Maryland.”

Increasing the healing rates of wounds will reduce risks to patient health as well as save Maryland’s healthcare system millions of dollars. Participants in the training will learn classification of wounds and best practices for measurement, staging and documentation for all wounds. The collaborative effort will enable professionals to become even more proficient in the identification, care and treatment of patients with complex skin conditions.

“We are honored to provide a comprehensive wound care education program to healthcare professionals in the state of Maryland. The Wound Care Education Institute is committed to supporting the partnership with HFAM and MHA in their continued leadership to improve the quality of care and reduce the prevalence of pressure ulcers in healthcare facilities in the state,” said Nancy Morgan, RN, BSN, MBA, WCC co-founder, WCEI.

WCEI, a comprehensive skin and wound care course provider, will conduct two one-week long sessions in 2011 for nurses and health care professionals.

Opportunities exist for others to join this effort through sponsorships to offer more professionals this educational opportunity and improve the wound care provided in the state of Maryland. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Phyllis Eiring at (410) 290-5132 extension 104.



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