Online Flowchart Helps Elders Decide “What Stays and What Goes”

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when trying to decide what to keep and what to throw out?  Donna Eichelberger and Doug Pierce, who own a senior moving company came up with an innovative, interactive solution to help sort through “stuff.”

The “What Stays and What Goes” flow chart is best used on a computer.  Once you enter the name of the possession at the beginning of the process, the chart leads you through a set of logical decisions that ends in one of five possible destinations for each possession:
• Keep it
• Give it
• Sell it
• Donate it
• Trash it
“We found that, at the very least, this online tool works as a good “conversation starter” as our clients are decluttering or downsizing their homes,” Doug Pierce said.  “Anyone with a computer can go online to our Website and use this tool whenever he/she wants.”
Donna Eichelberger, who works hand in hand with seniors and their families as they face major moves or transitions in their lives, knows how hard it can be to part with possessions.  “When I use this chart, I find that people are often willing to consider more options for their stuff.  Is an item an heirloom or does it have sentimental value? If not, maybe it can go.”

For those who don’t have computers, a CD-ROM version of the software program is available that runs on both a MAC and PC.  Doug and Donna have made copies available to senior communities in the Washington, D.C. area.  The chart itself can also be printed.  One woman reported that she had made copies and taped one to a wall in every room of her house.

For more information about Graceful Transitions and to get a copy of the chart, go to

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