Nursing Home Complaint Center Expands Efforts

From the San Franciso Chronicle

The Nursing Home Complaint Center is saying, “Medicare, or Medicaid fraud in the United States is a $60 billion dollar a year enterprise. Not only does Medicare, or Medicaid fraud fleece the taxpayers; in the instance of nursing homes, it frequently leads to wrongful death, or elder abuse, and neglect.” The group says, “both federal, and state governments are advertising for individuals to step forward to about this gigantic problem. What they fail to say is that there could be significant rewards for nursing home, or health care employees, who have substantial proof, and specific facts.” They say, “the government may not do a very good job of protecting the whistle blower, or their evidence, in order for the insider to qualify for a significant reward.” Further, the group says,” if you have substantial proof of Medicare, or Medicaid fraud in a US nursing home, or in the health care industry, the Nursing Home Complaint Center will do its best to protect you, and assemble the best team possible to help you get a significant reward.” For more information nursing home, or health care employees, who possess substantial information about Medicare, or Medicaid fraud can call the Nursing Home Complaint Center at 866-714-6466, or contact the group via its web site at http://NursingHomeComplaintCenter.Com

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