Nominations: MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures BreakThrough Awards

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The MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures BreakThrough Award is for innovative organizations that tap the passion and experience of people over 50 to improve society. It’s a salute to any nonprofit or public sector agency that takes on local, national, or international challenges by engaging this vast and vibrant workforce for good.

Do you know an organization that should win a BreakThrough Award?

Nominations are open for creative organizations that use the know-how and can-do of Americans over 50 to meet society’s biggest needs. Consider these examples of flexible new approaches combining the spirit of service with the benefits of work:

  • An organization recruits people over 50 and matches them with flexible schedule jobs in social service and government agencies.
  • A hospital creates patient counselor jobs, and offers seasonal-work positions with full-year benefits, to recruit and retain experienced nurses.
  • A school district pays stipends to experienced adults tutoring students in math and science.
  • A nonprofit creates new part-time or part-year jobs that attract older adults seeking meaningful, flexible work.

Nomination Form is at:

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