Newest DC Area Adult Day Services Center Open

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The opening of Easter Seals Adult Day Services Center in Arlington now provides County residents with an additional day placement option for loved ones experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s, dementia or physical handicaps. Located in the Walter Reed Community Center, this newly licensed facility has partnered with Arlington County to offer quality medical and therapeutic recreational services to disabled adults and seniors who need extra support and assistance to safely continue residing in the community and post-pone or avoid nursing home placement. The Center also strives to provide support for family members who often bear the burden of caring for disabled or aging family members.

The facility is fully secured and locked to prevent wandering or elopements. It also contains a secured out-door garden area where participants can pace or just enjoy nature.

Nursing services include personalized care plans, medication administration and personal care assistance. Care plans and activities are designed to maintain clients at their highest level of functioning to maintain their dignity and independence. Recreational therapy services are structured and include adaptive equipment, if needed.

This pet-friendly Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Meals include a light breakfast, catered lunch and afternoon snack. For more information, or to arrange a tour, please call Deborah Greenbush, Center Director at 703-228-0965.


New Benefit for County Employees
Walter Reed Adult Day Health Care Center Services Available for Family Members of County Employees
Do you worry about leaving your loved one home alone? County employees will have a new benefit when the Easter Seals Walter Reed Adult Day Health Care Center opens this summer. Employees caring for family members with medical and cognitive disabilities are eligible to enroll them at the Center. The Center will provide services and activities to help adults with functional limitations maintain or enhance independence. It will also provide support and respite for caregivers.

The Walter Reed Center, located at 2909 16th Street South, and the Madison Center, located at 3829 North Stafford Street, provide a structured, comprehensive program of activities to stimulate and challenge the participants. Care Plan are individualized to meet each participant’s specific needs. In a supportive group setting, participants are encouraged to achieve their highest level of functioning.

The Easter Seal Walter Reed Adult Day Health Care Center is part of the Walter Reed Community Center.

Services include:

– Medication monitoring
– Nursing care and support
– Personal care
– Therapeutic recreational activities
– Access to physical and occupational therapies
– Podiatry services
– Nutritious lunch and snacks
– Support for family members and caregivers

The Center will offer:

– Physical activities that improve and maintain flexibility and mobility.
– Mentally challenging activities that encourage creative expression, communication, and stimulate memory.
– Social activities that encourage interaction with others and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.
– Activities that provide a sense of connection within and contribution to the community. These activities include inter-generational activities and community service projects.

Cost: For more information on the Center and how to enroll your family member, contact: Deborah Greenbush, Center Director at 703-228-0965. Partial scholarships are available for county residents

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