New Webcast Helps Boomers Avoid ID Theft, Online Scams

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Newtown Square, PA — A free Webcast has been added to the Foundation of Financial Service Professionals’ Web site, The Webcast is the ninth in a series of informational videos developed to address the specific needs of boomers as they plan for retirement.

The new Webcast, “A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted,” focuses on ways boomers can defend their credit records and identities from scam artists and high-tech fraud. This program identifies the types of personal information that need to be protected and ways to guard them without being frozen out of conducting everyday financial transactions

Previous Webcasts in the series include “Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile,” “Living in the Style to Which You’d Like to Become Accustomed,” “Social Insecurity,” “Qualified Plans and Your Retirement,” “Income Planning,” “Health Planning,” “The Seven Domains of Living” and “Home is Where the Heart Is.”

The on-demand Webcasts offer guidance and information to address baby boomers’ concerns about financial security as they move toward retirement and beyond. Each Webcast focuses on different issues that baby boomers should become familiar with during the retirement planning process. All nine Webcasts can be viewed at no charge and without downloading any special software.


The Foundation for Financial Service Professionals is a charitable organization created to foster research, education and ethical practices amongst financial service professionals to benefit the public. The leadership of the Society of Financial Service Professionals (FSP) established the Foundation in 1982.

In fulfillment of this mission, the Foundation has created several programs, including the Paul S. Mills Scholarship to encourage ongoing professional development among financial service practitioners; the Journal of FSP Author Award to advance scholarly research and writing in financial services; the American Business Ethics Award to recognize ethical practices in the American business marketplace; and Financial Education Partners (FEP), to provide pro bono financial guidance to individuals in need. More information is available at

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