New web application offers 24/7 religious support in senior living settings

Streaming audio web application provides interfaith spiritual and religious support for individuals in a wide range of healthcare settings

Imagine someone for whom you care having round-the-clock access to an individualized audio library of inspirational readings, prayers, sermons, and classes from the religious or spiritual tradition of their choice.  This is the heart of CoroFaith, a streaming audio web application that launched nationally, February 20.  CoroFaith is the latest initiative by audio wellness solutions pioneer Coro Health.

CoroFaith has over 1000 hours of content, including access to 500,000 sermons from 12,000 religious communities across the U.S.  CoroFaith is designed to provide spiritual and religious continuity for individuals from a broad spectrum of traditions, communities, and beliefs in the long-term care and aging-in-place communities.  Drawing from thousands of prayers, sermons, daily scripture, education, meditation, and more, CoroFaith ensures that the individual receives consistent access to personal, meaningful, spiritual, and religious support when and where they need it.

CoroFaith users complete a simple on-line assessment that allows the individual to state their preferences based on religious affiliation, beliefs, areas of particular interest or concern, as well as favorite spiritual practices.  Based on their preferences and needs, a customized library of offerings is then dynamically built that allows the individual to select their choice of prayers and readings, spiritual exercises, meditations, courses, scripture, and more.  The individual decides what, when, and where to engage with the personalized offering of inspiration, learning, and support.

CoroFaith is an audio streaming service that can be accessed on the individual’s own laptop or iPad, smart phone or most any internet connected device.

Leading the initiative is CoroFaith Executive Director Carol Orsborn, Ph.D., author of 21 books about quality of life and spiritual development.  Supported by an advisory board, The CoroFaith offering is curated by a team of experts, drawn from academic, interfaith, spiritual and religious communities.  The customized offerings are selected to provide continuity to the individual, within the broader context of the emotional, psychological and behavioral aspects pertinent to personal as well as group beliefs and practices.

Content choices include daily readings from sacred text, including the King James version of the Bible, the Heart Sutra chanted by the Dalai Lama, and the Hebrew Scriptures.  There are guided meditations as well as audio classes from scholars, religious and spiritual teachers ranging from Louise Hay and Dr. Bernie Siegel to Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple.  There are also individual and group spiritual exercises, community services, and supportive guidance drawn from the 12 Step Program.

“The CoroFaith mission is to ensure that every individual has consistent access to personal, meaningful, spiritual support when and where they need it most.  We call this level of connectivity, inspiration, and engagement the Coro Way of Life, a worthy complement to our MusicFirst offering,” says David Schofman, CEO of Coro Health.

Research affirms the professional wellness community’s conviction of the importance of providing spiritual and religious support to individuals in their care.  For instance, recent studies show an inverse correlation between religion and anxiety in older persons, improvement in recall through meditation and an enhanced ability to cope with pain and illness.

“Studies consistently show that individuals benefit from a greater sense of meaning and purpose,” says Orsborn. “Religious traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices sustain the human spirit.  When we feel connected to shared communities of interest, life can be meaningful regardless of the circumstances we face.  Researchers cite the nurturing of spirit as a major contributor to an overall sense of gratitude, hope and well-being.”

CoroFaith is a subscription service that is primarily distributed through home health agencies, long-term care communities, hospice agencies, rehabilitation clinics, oncology centers and hospitals.

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