New street signs easier on aging drivers

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Interesting Program in St. Louis – perhaps something for our region? – ProAging

We’re all getting older, and this city is doing its best to remind us of that when driving through town.

The reminders are subtle, but they’re everywhere along the section of U.S. Highway 50 that runs through this quickly growing town.

The sky blue signs on the traffic signal arms seem brighter and crisper than the green signs that were just there last month. The difference is more than color, though. They’re big. At least twice the size of those that hung there before.

And the block lettering that can tend to become a blur of sticks has been replaced by a font those in the transportation field call Clearview. Letters are farther apart. Uppercase and lowercase letters are used to help a motorist see each word more distinctly.

Instead of OLD COLLINSVILLE RD, it’s now Old Collinsville Rd. Easier on the eyes, for sure. The signs also are designed to reflect light better at night.

The overhead signs – 51 in all – were purchased through a grant from the Illinois Department on Aging. They will be joined by 16 signs to be placed several hundred feet before an intersection announcing an upcoming street. In this case: Old Collinsville Road Next Signal. With the new batch of signs, the city takes the lead in the state in catering to older motorists.

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