New Project Offers Devices To Alzheimer's Patients

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(WCCO) Lorraine Nelson notices that her husband likes to wander off by himself. Arlan Nelson is 81 years old and has Alzheimer’s disease.

“She usually trails me,” Arlan said.

His wife said she had a scare when he left unsupervised recently.

“He was on Hiawatha, they said he was walking on the light rail tracks,” Lorraine Nelson said.

Bob Parrott wants to help folks like the Nelsons. He’s trying to raise money to start a program in New Brighton, Minn. that would give wristbands to those who suffer from ailments like Alzheimer’s and Autism.

The endevour, called Project Lifesaver, offers bands with radio detection devices that are linked to area dispatch centers. The wristbands can tell emergency workers exactly where a missing person is, and avoid a long search.

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