More Funding By Bush Administration, $7.9 Mil For Assisted Living Facilities

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Alese Deere | 11.02.06
More on grants provided by the Bush Administration. Funding equaling $7.9 million will be used to convert multifamily projects into assisted living facilities, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The announcement was made by HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson and Congressman Rob Simmons (CT-2) in Welles Country Village in Vernon, Connecticut, the same day the Bush Administration awarded $633 million toward housing assistance for low-income senior citizens and people with disabilities.

With the $7.9 million, elderly people with disabilities living in California ($1,146,690), Connecticut ($2,118,168), New Jersey ($2,043,608), New York ($497,206), and Pennsylvania ($2,043,664) will soon be living in apartments designed to meet their physical needs.

It’s an affordable alternitive to nursing homes and is designed for low-income elderly and disabled persons. The housing facilities still allow them to continue living independently, but with some assistance.

The funds that are awarded under the Assisted Living Conversion program, however, do not cover the costs of the services that help with bathing, grooming, meals, and transportation, but must be managed by the project owners directly or through a third party.

Due to the competitiveness, certain stipulations were required during the review process: the extent to which the conversion is needed by the persons that the project is inteded to serve; the quality and effecitveness of the proposal in addressing the proposed conversion including the meals and supportive services which the project intends to provide; the ability of the project owner to secure other community resources which can be combined with the grant to achieve the program’s purposes; as well s the capacity of the project owner to carry out the conversion in a timely and effective manner.

Strict guidelines for owners of the converted units were that they all meet local standards, codes, and regulations governing assisted living facilities and that projects be licensed and regulated by the appropriate governing body.

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