Montgomery County, MD Council Needs To Hear From You

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ProAging Members,

You may know that the Montgomery County, MD Council will be establishing 2 — 3 priority areas for grant funding for FY09. The Subcommittees working on this will meet on Friday and TODAY is the deadline for input. Remind the Council that Seniors, especially those who are low income or at-risk, need to be at the top on the list.

A short email is all that is needed to highlight the reality of trying to age in place, or find suitable housing when you are alone, lack resources, language capability or strength. If you have already emailed — thanks. If not send your message and ask your friends to do so as well.

Send your email to

[email protected]

I thank you and so do the seniors!

Alisa Scheiner, MA
Loving Decisions
“Directions for seniors and their families”

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