Maryland Woman admits neglecting assisted-living patient

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A judge has sentenced the former owner of a Millersville assisted-living facility to 18 months on house arrest for Medicaid fraud and for neglecting an elderly patient.

Erlinda Sarabia, 69, pleaded guilty on Friday to two charges, including a felony.

Circuit Court Judge William C. Mulford II suspended a three-year prison term and ordered Sarabia to serve three years of supervised probation.

Sarabia’s facility, Millersville Home Care, was closed in 2003 after county and state investigations uncovered six cases of neglect, including one involving an 84-year-old woman named Ava Harrison who had bedsores infected with gangrene and maggots when she was hospitalized in October 2003. She died three days later.

Sarabia was charged with neglecting Mrs. Harrison, but prosecutors dropped that charge when she pleaded guilty to neglecting Thelma Wooden, 94, who was hospitalized a month before Mrs. Harrison with malnourishment and severe ulcers.

Sarabia also was ordered to repay $17,269.61 to the state, which had given Millersville Home Care money for Medicaid recipients, and to make a $25,000 donation to a health-care charity

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