Maryland’s Long Term Care Awareness Campaign

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You are invited to attend a training session on Maryland’s Long Term Care Awareness Campaign to be held on September 28, 2006 at the UMBC Technology Center in Catonsville. The training is an extension of Maryland’s participation in the federal Own Your Future campaign through which Governor Ehrlich sent out 670,000 letters to Maryland residents between the ages of 50 and 70 encouraging them to seek out long term care planning information. Another component of the Long Term Care Awareness Campaign will involve a series of half-day, long term care planning and information seminars for the general public.

The main purpose of this training is to help front-line state/local staff and public/private sector human resource staff in their work with consumers and employees who may be seeking retirement/long term care planning options or information. Expert speakers will address financial planning options including what public programs do not cover, long-term care insurance and reverse mortgages, financial planning, housing, advance directives, and other relevant topics. Resource materials will be available. Parking is available and lunch will be provided.

301 West Preston Street – Suite 1007 – Baltimore, Maryland 21201-2374 Local: 410-767-1100 – Toll Free: 1-800-243-3435 – TTY users call via Maryland Relay: 1-800-735-2258 FAX: 410-333-7943 –

The second purpose of the training is to prepare you for questions that may be generated by people who attend one of the half-day seminars for the general public. The first half-day seminar will be held on October 13 in the Baltimore area. An additional half-day seminar will be conducted for the general public in the Washington suburban area at a later date, followed by two to three regional seminars, depending on the level of interest in other parts of the State.

Please RSVP for the September 28 training by September 8, 2006 either by faxing the attached form to 410-455-1309, by calling 410-455-6855 or by emailing to Virginia Thomas at [email protected]. If you need further information or special accommodations, please contact Virginia Thomas. We look forward to seeing you at the training and working with you to expand

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