Marketing Workshop – Home Health Care Agencies and Senior Care Providers

March 8 and 9, 2011 you will learn how to bring out the best qualities in your staff, your business, and your clients. You will learn the elements needed to best transform your marketing efforts, as well as your sales team. And you will discover creative ways to accelerate your bottom line toward your projections of success! Dr. Orv Owens, PhD (Seattle Washington) will be instructing on the
Psychology of Relationship Selling…developing repeat and referral business.
Do you have a new marketing representative…or a veteran in the industry? Then you will want to place them in front of Dr. Owens’ teaching. Take the initiative to invest in your marketing liaison to create long-term relationships between your organization and the referral source. This will also add longevity to the relationship between your organization and your liaison. After all, it is better to invest in retaining employees then spending money and time re-training their replacement.
Your opportunity to take advantage of Dr. Owens’ expertise is as easy as completing the registration process on the website ( ). Note: There is still time to save on your RSVP Registration. There are no tickets available at the door.
Each registered representative will receive:
*2 day seminar / interactive Q & A
*Marketing materials to continue educating your staff (Relationship Selling book and DVD)
*1 Year of one to one consulting services with Dr. Owens (telephone/email)
*Breakfast and Lunch will be provided each day of the training.
*Your agency/organization website link advertised on Promo2motion .com (Networking) *see details.

One of the key benefits of attending the Relationship Selling event is that your representative(s) and your organization will learn how to build and enhance the business relationship every time the opportunity presents itself whether it is at an event, an appointment, or telephone presentation. (Details of subjects covered during presentation available on website)
As a previous marketing representative in Home Health Care, Sharon Dawson, Promo2motion LLC, is working with Dr. Orv Owens LLC to provide this service to you. This project was created to share with this industry the life changing, business developing attributes that she personally experienced under Dr. Owens’ teaching years ago.  Any questions, please contact Ms Dawson at [email protected]  or [email protected] .


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