Marketing Opportunity – Reach Foriegn Service Retirees

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As the Voice of the Foreign Service The American Foreign Service Association strives to protect the future for its retiree and active-duty members and their survivors. Our monthly print magazine, bimonthly retiree newsletter, annual Retiree Directory, and our Web site offer maximum exposure. For More Information www.afsa.orgMarketers

You can reach 4,000+ retired United States Foreign Service Officers!

The ideal target market for all segments of the

retirement industry:

* High net worth individuals in the top bracket of U.S.

Census for income

* Guaranteed federal retirement benefits

* Substantial financial investments

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

Deadlines for the Directory Space Sep 30th, art Oct 3

Deadlines for the monthly Journal Space: 25th of the month

Deadlines for newsletter: varies

Contact Ed Miltenberger, Advertising Manager

(202) 338-4045 ext. 507 [email protected]


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