Making Sure You Client’s Homes Are Ready For Winter

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Holiday Season Can be an Excellent Time to Assess Your Parent’s Home–

Washington, DC — As the holiday season approaches, families should set-aside time to discuss livability issues and determine what steps, if any, should be taken to improve an elderly parent’s home environment in preparation for winter, according to the National Aging In Place Council, a national non-profit organization based here.

Older homeowners, for instance, are perhaps the least likely to take on a “home modification” project. Yet they are the ones who could most benefit from upgrades and improvements that can make a home more energy-efficient and free of the physical barriers that cause injuries and falls.

“Americans of all ages value their ability to live independently. But without a plan for aging in place, it can be hard to stay in control of your life,” said Peter Bell, President of NRMLA. “Knowing your health risks and financial options can make a big difference in your ability to stay in a familiar place.”

Besides home modifications, family members should assess whether a parent needs outside assistance with financial planning and budgeting, in-home healthcare and chore services, transportation and meal services, or supplemental income from a reverse mortgage. NAIPC’s official web site,, provides information for consumers to learn more about these issues and to contact professionals who can help.

To help older adults remain healthy and active throughout retirement, members of the National Aging in Place Council commemorated October 8-14 as National Aging in Place Week by organizing seminars and resource fairs to increase seniors’ knowledge and access to home and community-based services that promote independent living. This year, members organized more than 60 events nationwide, which is nearly double from last year.

NAIPC serves as an ongoing forum for professionals from the private, public and non-profit sectors and businesses to work together to promote aging in place. Coalition members include skilled persons from a wide variety of fields, including remodeling, architecture, interior design, financing, elder law, product design and manufacturing, urban planning, social services, health, and others.

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