“Living Longer, Working Longer'' Study Finds That Retirement is More a “State'' Than a “Date''

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Older workers today are changing the concept of retirement as they live longer and work well past traditional retirement age – some even returning to the workforce after they “retire” and/or opting for “portfolios” of paid and volunteer positions, according a new MetLife Mature Market Institute(R) study, Living Longer, Working Longer: The Changing Landscape of the Aging Workforce, conducted by David DeLong & Associates, Inc. and Zogby International. Unlike other industry studies which have offered predictions of the aging Baby Boomers’ retirement expectations, the MetLife “Living Longer, Working Longer” study examines the actual work experiences of employees age 55-70. The study findings were unveiled today at a symposium hosted by MetLife and the International Longevity Center-USA.

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