Launch of new Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) Announced

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SafetyCare is very excited to announce the launch of EMTWatch, a revolutionary Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) for anyone who lives alone, and lives with a medical condition or needs special assistance. It is a stylish, discrete transmitter that can be worn as a wristwatch or a pendant, and works in tandem with a base station with a 350 ft in-home range. It connects you or your loved one with a certified Emergency Medical Technician in a matter of seconds, and can provide the peace of mind you need to stay at home.

Likewise, SafetyCare has launched, a user-friendly portal that allows visitors to understand exactly how EMTWatch works, how it compares to competitors’ products and services, and how a PERS can increase one’s dignity and quality of life. Visitorsto are able to purchase EMTWatch directly from the website and select their wristwatch band color. They can also choose between monthly, quarterly or annual payments for SafetyCare’s unparalleled monitoring service staffed by certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). As an added bonus, anyone who visits the site can sign up for a free, informative video series that points out ways to age safely and avoid some of the very real dangers that threaten the elderly.

SafetyCare strives to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity and service. Someone using a PERS places their trust in the device and the people on the other end of that communication line, and that’s why SafetyCare’s monitoring center is only staffed with EMTs. If you or your loved one wants to maintain a high degree of independence in the home for as long as possible, or increase the safety of living in a continued-care facility, visit to learn more about how EMTWatch can help.

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