Jilted Bride Turns Wedding Day Into Seniors Party

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Imagine finding out just days before your wedding day, the groom has cold feet. Well, that was the reality for one bride. She was supposed to get married on Halloween. And, as CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports, she decided to turn her sadness into joy for more than 300 seniors.

There was dancing mixed with swaying and hand clapping.

"Oh, I’ve been having a lot of fun. A lot of people, they’re asking me for a dance, but my legs hurt! I can’t dance, but I love to dance," said Asbury Court Resident Orlando Morelli.

The seniors, some wearing masks, were at Asbury Court Retirement Community in Des Plaines.

"I love it! I love it," said Asbury Court Resident Karen Hamelberg.

They were having a blast on Halloween because of the generosity of one woman.

"She’s an angel. She came down and gave us a beautiful party out of nowhere," said Mary Eichenfeld, Resident Service Director at Asbury Court Retirement Community.

The angel that created all the cheer is a bride. Bari Harris is her mother.

"We are so happy that somebody could get some joy out of everything that had been planned. We just didn’t want to see everything go to waste," Harris said.

Six days before the bride’s wedding, the groom got cold feet. They were supposed to get married on Halloween.

So, the bride decided to donate everything that would have been at her wedding and reception, to the retirement home.

The wedding DJ played oldies. Each table was adorned with flowers.

"I can envision it in the hall and I wish it had been my daughter that was in front of all of them. Yes, there’s mixed emotion. There’s mixed emotion there. It could have been a lot worse, just sitting at home, knowing that nothing was used," Harris said.

The bride’s bouquet got a new home inside the retirement home chapel.

"I thought that was really nice of them. I’m sure her heart was broken, but sometimes that’s for the best. It happens," said Asbury Court Resident Jackie Mistrata.

"God bless her. She’ll find someone else. I did," Hamelberg said.

When resident Ana Rojas was asked what her message would be for the bride she said, "Oh my God, yes! This world, it looks miserable, but there is good people in it."

Rojas said the party reinforced that.

The bride looked on, watching the seniors having a great time. She was filled with joy, but also deep sadness, being at the party she would have been having if it was her wedding day.

But she did say she was happy to give the seniors a treat on Halloween.

Source: http://cbs2chicago.com/local/bride.seniors.party.2.1284503.html

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