Is Age 90 the new “old old”?

A recent Forbes article ponders the concept that the definition of “old old” should be raised to age 90. The article cites the report 90+ in the United States: 2006-2008, authored by Wan He and Mark N. Muenchrath, which offers these interesting statistics:

  • 90-plus population is overwhelmingly white at 88%
  • 90-plus completed high school or above (61.3%)
  • About one in five 90-plus men have a bachelor’s degree or higher, almost twice that of the 90-plus women
  • 90-plus, the number of men per 100 women was “stunningly low” at 35
  • About half the men are widowers and a whopping 43% are married while 84% of women are widows and a mere 6% are married.
  • Many 90-plus folks still live alone or in households with relatives and/or unrelated  individuals.
  • The likelihood of living in a nursing home increases from 3% at ages 75 to 79, to 11.2% at ages 85-89, then 19.8% at ages 90-94, then 31% at ages 95-99 and finally to 38.2% at 100-plus.

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