How Americans Talk, Think and Feel about Aging

Scan Foundation recently published another report in their series “Perspectives
on Aging with Dignity” titled How Americans Talk, Think and Feel about Aging.

Over the past year, The SCAN Foundation has embarked upon a process to renovate the way we talk about the care needs that most of us will have as we grow older. The dominant phrase, “long-term care,” poorly describes the vast network of supports and services that older people rely upon for assistance, ranging from transportation to and from a doctor’s visit, to help in the home with basic living needs, to care delivered in an institution. Currently there are not enough services to meet the needs of today’s seniors, let alone the impending aging boom. Yet reform has been elusive largely because the vital role that these services play in allowing individuals to age with dignity and independence are unknown or misunderstood. Most people tune out when they hear the words “long-term care” for fear that it only means nursing homes.

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The report is authored by Bruce Chernof, MD, is President and CEO of The SCAN Foundation, dedicated to creating a society in which seniors receive medical treatment and human services that are integrated in the setting most appropriate to their needs. The SCAN Foundation Perspective Series serves as a venue for opinions and observations about transforming the way in which we age.
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