Holidays and Eldercare – “Cyber Monday” for Eldercare Providers

It seems like every year that families gathering around the Thanksgiving table serves as a starting point for elder care discussion that spans into the new year.  While retailers have “cyber Monday”, elder care providers have a similar spike in the interest in their services.  Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook has experienced a record number of visitors to our website at  Not only did the site experience  a 10% increase over the same day last year, but the highest single traffic day since 2008.

For providers this time of year can present tremendous challenges and opportunities.  These can include the challenge of staffing with vacations and increased demand for business, and the opportunity to expand and grow the business.

The first step is helping clients with a meaningful dialogue.  Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook and have provided a sample of some articles that might be helpful to share below:

Do you have a “tip” or article you would like to share?  If so email us at [email protected] and over the next few weeks we will include a regular posting on Holiday tips in each issue of the ProAging Weekly Email!

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